October is Economic Justice Month

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Economic Justice Month (EJM 2017) – a four-week-long series of programs dedicated to the economic empowerment and justice for our communities presented by The SF LGBT Center.
The theme this year is Equity & Liberation because with civil rights under attack across the country it is important that we come together in resiliency and do the work to build a more equitable world.
“We could not do this important work without the support of the community and our partners in the fight for economic and social justice.  We hope that you will join us and help spread the word.”
Among some of the key program highlights are:

October is Economic Justice Month

Equity & Liberation

“If you’re queer and you’re dedicated to economic justice, then live that life and have those beliefs and carry them in your heart and put them into practice. I think as long as we stay dedicated to our community, nothing can stop us.” -Queers for Economic Justice”

Economic Justice Month (EJM 2017) is a month full of programs dedicated to economic empowerment and justice for our communities. Our motto this year is Equity & Liberation because at the SF LGBT Center we believe that together we can build a more equitable world for all. The Center does this by offering resources and services that address the needs of communities most impacted by oppression and a constantly evolving economy.

EJM 2017 also highlights the work of the Center’s Economic Development Department in providing unique support services and resources designed to increase the self-sufficiency and financial stability of low- and moderate-income LGBTQ individuals and allies. Some of these services offered include career building services, transgender/gender non-conforming leadership development, housing support services, and small business development.

The services of the SF LGBT Center focus on economic and social justice for queer people, trans people, gender non-conforming people, people of color, impoverished people, homeless people, disabled people, immigrants, indigenous peoples, sex workers, youth, elders, and all other marginalized communities.

Get engaged, partner, and take action!

For more information about the center, visit us here or stop by.


October is Economic Justice Month

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